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Archive for April 26th, 2017

Funnell Wins Young Artist Showcase with “Inspired Resolution”

Funnell Wins Young Artist Showcase with  “Inspired Resolution”

CCHS student and AVPA artist Stanley Funnell is the winner of the 2017 Culver City Sister City Committee Annual Young Artist Showcase. Stanley's piece title "Inspired Resolution" beautifully captures this year's theme "We Are Going Places." Stanley's artwork is also the CCSCC official entry to the 2017 Sister City International Annual Young Artist Showcase. As the winner of the local [...]

Transit Oriented District – What Vision ?

Transit Oriented District – What Vision ?

The TOD Visioning team has been holding workshops and interviews. The team has walked and biked around the city with a variety of Culver City residents and stakeholders listening to concerns about mobility in Culver City. On Monday night, May 1, the team will share with you what it has seen and heard so far, and seek your help in sharpening our mutual understanding of the [...]

Rotating the Mayor – Clarke Steps Down, Cooper Steps Up

Rotating the Mayor – Clarke Steps Down, Cooper Steps Up

Every year towards the end of April, there is a City Council meeting with just one agenda item - rotating the mayor. After a hectic and brilliant year, it was Jim Clarke's moment to step down, and hand the ceremonial office over to the Vice Mayor, Jeff Cooper. With Council member Gōran Eriksson attending the meeting by phone from Sweden, all measures had to be passed by a voice vote. It could [...]

CTG Brings the Community in for ‘Archduke’

CTG Brings the Community in for ‘Archduke’

Center Theatre Group will host multiple community events inspired by “Archduke” including two Community Conversations on May 13 and 24; three post-show Stage Talks on May 2, 21 and 23; post-show Audience Talks after every evening performance beginning May 11; a special “Taper and Tonic” gin tasting event on May 3; and two “Archduke”-themed trivia nights on April 26 and May 1. Written [...]

PRCSC to Offer “Growing Up Intercultural in Culver City” on May 2

PRCSC to Offer “Growing Up Intercultural in Culver City” on May 2

The Culver City Parks, Recreation & Community Services Commission (PRCSC) invites you to join a Community Conversation on “Growing Up Intercultural in Culver City: A Student-Based Conversation on Race and Culture” at their May 2, 2017 meeting at 7:00 p.m. This Community Conversation includes a panel discussion moderated by Carlos Valverde, Ed. D., featuring students from Culver City [...]