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Archive for April 24th, 2017

AVPA Danger Zone Dance Steps ‘Across the Universe’

AVPA Danger Zone Dance Steps  ‘Across the Universe’

The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts 'Danger Zone' Dance company presented their Spring Concert over this past weekend, taking the stage at the Vets Auditorium with rhythm, sound and color that showed off some great choreography and powerful talent. With 22 separate numbers, the all girl troupe kicked iff with an explanation that the faculty had wanted a show using the music of the [...]

LOCALmotion – Jozelle Smith

LOCALmotion – Jozelle Smith

Yet another Centennial event to enjoy is the Culver City Council of PTAs’ “100 Years of Volunteering” Honorary Service Award Night. This takes place this Sunday, April 30 at the Culver City Senior Center, 4095 Overland Avenue. Attendees are invited to come dressed as your favorite decade, which is sure to add to the fun! Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails will be served starting at 6:30 p.m. [...]

Mayor Jim B. Clarke on Westside Urban Forum Panel

Mayor Jim B. Clarke on Westside Urban Forum Panel

On April 21, The Westside Urban Forum's signature event, the annual Westside Mayors’ Panel, welcomed Westside mayors Jim B. Clarke, City of Culver City; Mayor Lou La Monte, City of Malibu; Mayor Ted Winterer, City of Santa Monica; and Mayor Lauren Meister, City of West Hollywood for a candid discussion of each mayor’s priorities, topics of importance to their cities and common issues that [...]

Ruth’s Truths – Ruth Morris

Ruth’s Truths – Ruth Morris

Edifice Envy -- I just realized that I am attracted to buildings. Today alone, I went to a building in the MacArthur Park area to make a presentation, and arrived to find that it had been built in 1928. I am still attempting to research its history, but for the moment, I was moved by its old-world beauty and charm, and I find myself wanting to know what famous or infamous businesses had [...]

Dear Editor – Council Member Small Address EIR Vote

Dear Editor – Council Member Small Address EIR Vote

Dear Editor, Last Monday night’s City Council discussion and vote on the future of the oil field was impassioned and challenging. Anyone who listened knows that my critique and questions, for the new oilfield operator Sentinel Peak, were incisive and exacting. The company’s presentation to Council and the public was not encouraging. Their responses to our questions were inadequate. There [...]