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Archive for April 13th, 2017

The Skinny – Amy Brunell

The Skinny – Amy Brunell

I spent the weekend in Tucson Arizona. I had a Unitarian Universalist convention and a friend’s wedding reception on the same weekend, so it was two birds with one stone, as the proverb says. I discovered two other things when I was there; a sphere and a wall. On the first day, I went to Biosphere 2, a science experiment started in the 80’s to see if people could sustain themselves on [...]

Antioch Offering Urban Sustainability Program

Antioch Offering Urban Sustainability Program

Antioch University is training the next generation of urban problem-solvers to meet the world’s dual challenges of climate change and inequality. If you dream about changing the system, our 18-month program offers an educational home of like-minded students, faculty, and community partners who work and learn together in a hybrid, hands-on, cutting edge program. Our urban centers can be just and [...]

Looking Up – Bob Eklund

Looking Up – Bob Eklund

How time and our spacecraft fly—especially when you’re making history at 32,000 miles per hour! Continuing on its path through the outer regions of the solar system, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has now traveled half the distance from Pluto—its storied first target—to 2014 MU69, the Kuiper Belt object (KBO) it will fly past on Jan. 1, 2019. The spacecraft reached that milestone on [...]