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Archive for February 14th, 2017

City Council Puts “Sanctuary City” on March Agenda

City Council Puts “Sanctuary City” on March Agenda

The City Council Meeting of Feb 13, 2017 already had a lengthy agenda, but much of the crowd attending were there about an item they wanted on a future agenda; making Culver City a sanctuary city. More than a dozen speakers were able to address the council at the beginning of the evening, calling for the council to agendize. Rebecca Rona Tuttle told a story of a student of hers, Angelica, who [...]

Paper Shredding Event Processes Three Tons of Waste

Paper Shredding Event Processes Three Tons of Waste

On February 4, Public Works Environmental Programs and Operations Division provided Culver City residents and businesses an opportunity to clean out their files and destroy old records safely and confidentially. More than 50 residents drove to West Los Angeles College to shred their confidential documents.The results - 6,000 pounds of paper shredded, an equivalent of 114 trees saved, at free [...]

Venice Boulevard to Become “Great Street” with Bike and Pedestrian Improvements

Venice Boulevard to Become “Great Street” with Bike and Pedestrian Improvements

For years, the Venice Great Street was a model for how the city, council office and community could work together on a shared vision for the Mayor’s Great Streets Initiative. But while the outreach plan brought most of the Mar Vista Community together, the project was stalled because the segment of Venice Boulevard that would be a Great Street was owned by Caltrans, and the agency was concerned [...]

“Walk With a Doc” Feb. 18

“Walk With a Doc”  Feb. 18

Walk with a Doc is an international program that encourages individuals to take a walk around town with a doctor, not only for their health but also as a way to learn how to lead a healthier life and the Culver City event is strolling into it's fourth year. Walk With A Doc/Culver City meets monthly on the third Saturday at 9am at Veterans Park near the tennis courts., and this month that will [...]

Dear Editor – Safety is Not Political

Dear Editor – Safety is Not Political

Our diversity is our strength. With one of the most diverse public school systems in the nation, Culver City Unified believes that it's the differences between our students that help shape their learning and their character, and propel them to unparalleled heights in college and careers. To this end, our district aims to protect this diversity and is providing resources to students and [...]