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Dear Editor – Feeding the Homeless

Light-bulb-0003-300x198Having helped last week at registration for the Homeless Count and then attending the Community Workshop last Saturday on Homeless and Affordable Housing; I found myself wanting to do something that would make a difference even if it was a small difference – NOW! I also wanted to give community members an opportunity to do something that can help others as well as make them feel good. These times that we are experiencing call for doing as much good as possible for others.

With that thought in mind, Saturday afternoon I posted on the Culver City (unofficial page) and my FB page that I was starting a drive to collect as many lunches as possible to pass out to the Homeless in the Westside this Sat. Feb. 4th.The response has been fantastic. As of today, close to 150 lunches have been pledged.

I would like to make this a weekly Saturday event.

Anyone who would like to participate can bring as many lunches that they would like to my home on Saturday morning up until 12:30 PM. Then we will go and distribute lunches to various places. A suggestion for the lunch is a healthy sandwich, fruit, (banana preferred because some homeless do not have good teeth) some yummy cookies and a bottle of water.

This is not my first experience doing this. In the summer of 2015 my great nephew and niece and I did this every Wednesday. We made 40-45 lunches and distributed them to those in need in the Westside. The recipients
were so appreciative and it was a gratifying experience. It was positive all around and we never encountered any problems.

If anyone wants to participate, they can make as many lunches as they would like and drop them by my house at 11472 Diller Ave. on Sat. AM. If they can not do it this Sat. they can do it in the future. If they would like to go out in the field to distribute that would be appreciated too.
Any questions, they can private message me on FB or text me at 310-486-9229

Thank you.

Madeline Ehrlich

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