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CC Foodie – Tara’s Himalayan Supports Aid to Nepal

Taras+Himalayan+-+owner+Tara+Gurung+BlackIf your concerns about the earthquake in Nepal move you to action, there’s a local connection that can use your help. Tara’s Himalayan Restaurant is collecting clothing, blankets, and monetary donations, to take to Nepal by the first of May. The eponymous Tara is also seeking a doctor and a nurse to accompany her to Nepal.

For the rest of April, eating at at Tara’s will send  50% of the bill towards the victims of the earthquake.

If you have not been to sample the cuisine at Tara’s, you don’t need to wait for inspiration. Just walking through the door makes you feel as if you have entered another world, and you have. This subtle shrine to  Nepalese culture has an aroma of spice and a a warm light that feels both relaxing and exciting.

Nepal shares borders with both India and China, and you’ll find influences of both in the food. There are dumplings and na’an style flatbread, there are noodle dishes that can be ordered with meat or without, and there is Himalayan Hot Tea, flavored with ginger and milk. Fans of Chai may find this a bit on the mild side, but tea drinkers will enjoy the subtle flavor of the warm drink.

There is food for the adventurous – Yak Chili – and food for those who like what they like – Chicken Masala or Lamb Vindaloo. The menu may contain terms you are not familiar with, but your server can help you to translate it all into a great meal.  All made from very fresh ingredients and prepared with care – the kind of care that is recruiting donations and aid to head home and help with the crisis.

Owner Tara Gurung Black, (pictured above) who grew up in a mountain village in Nepal escaped from an arranged marriage in her early teens, and courageously came to America on her own. She eventually opened the restaurant to introduce a taste of her culture to LA, and later to raise funds to send home to a local school in her village that had fallen into disrepair.  She wanted the children from the village to be educated, empowering them as agents for positive change while not losing their heritage.

Eat great food for a great cause. International aid with tamarind sauce. C’mon, you’re hungry already, right?

Tara’s Himalayan
10855 Venice Blvd.

photo credit- onemorebite@blogspot

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