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The Skinny – Amy Brunell

7121012Feeling Satisfied, Not Necessarily Full —

What is it to be satisfied?

I teach a concept-eating until you are satisfied, not necessarily full-at least twice a year. Many find it very difficult to eat until satisfied. It takes a consistent practice to pause during a meal long enough to start understanding what satisfied feels like. Many of us enjoy feeling full. Eating until satisfied is well…not very satisfying. At first. As we explore the relationship of physical and emotional satisfaction, we can ponder the concept of enough. What is enough? And with food, love, money, relationships, the understanding of “what is enough” can be illusive.

At Passover, the Jewish Holiday remembering the story of Moses and the Exodus from the Pharaoh, the concept of Dayenu is brought forth and there is a song. Dayenu means, “It would have been enough.” At a Seder table, you might hear the prayer, “If God, you had only lead us out of slavery, Dayenu” (It would have been enough.)

I think about what is enough? In this American world, it is hard to grapple with “what is enough?” since the culture reinforces having more is the only way to have enough. Sometimes I have to remind myself of the “enough” I have.

When it come to eating until satisfied, what is enough? Is a portion written on the box enough? Is enough when I reach fullness? Is enough when I’m tired of eating? Or is enough when I am stuffed? Is there ever enough?

Being with “enough” is a progression of the spiritual understanding of yourself. You are going to the scared parts, the uneven parts, and telling yourself “Dayenu.” Allowing your heart to help you understand that the fear you feel is a long worn habit of not having. It isn’t about where you are now. Yes, there may be parts that you feel don’t have enough, are not enough, but work with the parts that are enough. Work from those parts to heal the uneven parts. Work with compassion. This is a difficult but potentially rewarding process.

If we can live from this spiritual understanding then it opens the door to allow more. We are more aware of our blessings and therefore more attune with what comes in for us. Most likely it will not be more stuff that you can eat or hold, but from more clarity and heartfelt moments. More peace and charity. More love. And from this place within your heart, the gifts you receive in return fill you.

Graphic image – “Tree of Life” by Nina Bonos

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