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getty_rm_photo_of_women_in_swim_suitsFind a bathing suit, find yourself —

Yes we have to talk about it. Cellulite. I know. I don’t get it either. Why, why did anyone think that cellulite was a good invention-we can ask when we’re dead. In the mean time, I would guess that 80% of all women have it. Most women no matter how big or small have it and only through genetics (yeah, thanks mom!), do some of us avoid it. If it had a point being there, perhaps I could forgive it, but no, it has no purpose, so I do loathe it.

Having said all that, we need to find a bathing suit.

Many years ago on the show, “What Not To Wear,” I remember the hosts, Stacey and Clinton, telling some guest that she may have to try on 20 pairs of jeans to find her right fit. And for some reason that advice has been gold for me. I did indeed set out to find my “right” pair of jeans and through patience I have found them and the manufacturer, so that hopefully I can go back again when another pair is required.

I decided to do the same idea with suits. Several years ago, I found a 2 piece. A skirt bottom which covers the least flattering part of my figure, with a halter top, which flatters one of my best features of my figure. The second suit I found was boy short bottoms with a spaghetti strap tankini top. So I know that a suit is out there for this shape.

The other day I went into the store that carries a manufacturer that I know often fits my figure. They had suits on sale. I tried on a skirt bottom and a tankini top with ruching-when the middle has sort of gathered folds. Anyway, it looked terrible on me. But since I already knew that I had a good suit at home, I also knew that the suit was terrible and it WASN’T MY BODY.

Once you find a good pair of jeans or a good bathing suit, then you know that your perfectly imperfect shape can look attractive-it’s just finding these items that can make us nuts. But it is so worth it to feel good no matter your size. No matter the bumps.

Why am I harping on the suit? Because it’s August. And I know some of us avoid social occasions where suits might be involved. I know we haven’t gone to the ocean in a very long time and we might be missing out on doing other activities we dream of doing. Kayak or Paddle Board anyone?

Other solutions? Getting a cute rash guard top-long sleeve for the water so you can cover arms if that would help. Leggings for the water? Yes. They cover you above or below the knees and they are made for the water so you can swim in them. Another solution? Board shorts: surfer-style swim trunks they are making for women

Other challenges? Hair. Many women have a type of hair that if it gets wet requires getting it styled and for cost measures, getting hair wet is not going to happen. One women I met recently, wears two swim caps and found a neoprene band that uses Velcro around the edges of the caps to keep the water out. Other women I know have cut their hair very short to allow them to exercise without care.

What about fear of the water? Or that you’ve never really learned to swim? Consider looking up adult swim classes near you. There are many, many places that can even give a private lesson, however you still have to get in a suit. Go back and read that part again!

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