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Archive for June 11th, 2012

Culver Chamber Opens “Leaders” with Ehrlich Architects

Culver Chamber Opens “Leaders” with Ehrlich Architects

"While the idea of leadership is very broad, we are offering this series in hopes that we will all learn something about business, about government, and how to lead." Culver Chamber President Goran Eriksson spoke over the soft clatter of plates and cutlery, the Leaders luncheon kicked into gear on June 7 at the Courtyard At Marriott. Steve Ehrlich, Culver City based architect was the featured [...]

Dear Editor – No Training ?

Dear Editor – No Training ?

Dear Editor, Unfortunately, the City has little vision, goals or planning, even though the date of the Station’s opening date, or its approximation, has been known for a long time. No announcement on the City’s website. No mention of it on the City’s event calendar. No ad hoc coordinating event committee formed by the City. No forethought or budget for it No planning with [...]

LOCALmotion – Jozelle Smith

LOCALmotion – Jozelle Smith

The beat goes on – Just because we're on a road trip (see more below) doesn't mean we don't have the proverbial finger on the pulse of Culver City, for example: What the frack? All you ever wanted to know about oil and gas production via hydraulic fracturing (aka known as “fracking,” PXP's proposed Baldwin Hills undertaking) will be presented at City Hall Council Chambers this Tuesday, [...]