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Feng Shui for Mother’s Day – Janet Mitsui Brown

So here we are in the middle of spring, with Mothers Day around the corner. The trigram for mother is KUN or the southwest part of your home. To bring joy to your home make sure your mother enjoys the southwest. KUN is the earth element– and the colors are earthy – yellow, brown, beige, orange…and I like to add fire (red) – because fire creates earth. So if you’re sending flowers, think of those colors to bring an auspicious flair to her life on this veryspecial day.

May is always special for me because my birthday is in May and mother’s day is always around this time, so it’s a double benefit. At the beginning of the year I consulted the compass school calendar to understandannual developing trends, and my husband and I performed 2012 transcendental solutions – both consults for serendipity, for luck, for blessings.

…and this year despite the mercurial nature of the year, my husband has worked on a video game, and is working on a movie…and my daughter was offered a lucrative job opportunity.

…always cautious I am, so when my daughter went to China I gave her a tourmaline bracelet for protection, and my husband was given a pocket rooster, as a protector & to nudge his work fate this year, and an azurite stone for added magic.

I wear a tourmaline bracelet, and a cubic z bracelet for magic and protection, and an amethyst bracelet for serendipity and providence. This year I had a wonderful birthday…

Do you need a four-leaf clover? A special fortune cookie? Some good karma? Check feng shui…

In gratitude, Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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