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Archive for April 24th, 2012

School Board Approves Next Step for Sun Power

School Board Approves Next Step for Sun Power

The Tues. April 24 meeting of the Culver City School Board brought the Elenda St. school complex another step closer to solar power. Mr. Clyde Murley, the district's consultant on the solar project began by focusing on the basic 750 kilowatts of solar; the minimum amount of panels that will qualify the project for the state funds that will help to defray the costs. By using carport [...]

April 25 is Denim Day – Sign On and Show Your Colors

April 25 is Denim Day – Sign On and Show Your Colors

The way our society thinks about rape and receives survivors is not only tragic, it's dangerous. Fearing that they won't be believed, survivors are less likely to report their rapes, which means rapists stay out of jail, which means they are free to rape again. Even when women go to the police with evidence, the crime may be dismissed without any charges being filed. The time to change this is [...]

“Wise Kids” to Screen at Anitoch University

“Wise Kids” to Screen at Anitoch University

On Wednesday, May 2 at 4 pm, Antioch University Los Angeles's BA Psych Film Series will present a screening of 'The Wise Kids' followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Stephen Cone. A vivid, dynamic Southern coming-of-age drama, takes place in the transitional space between high school and college, when life seems to be all questions and no answers, and the future is scarily wide open. Set in and [...]

Roosters, Rainbows and Feng Shui – Janet Mitsui Brown

Roosters, Rainbows and Feng Shui – Janet Mitsui Brown

The Dragon & the Rooster -- Good feng shui can improve your luck, your health, and your prosperity…but it often takes patience and hard work too. Fix the mundane, and if the energy is still stuck, try the transcendental… But it’s those in-between days that can be exasperating. Even I, a feng shui practitioner, have these days. My husband experienced a few days of bad luck – he was [...]

Lin Howe Collects CD’s for Earth Day “Re-purpose” Project

Lin Howe Collects CD’s for Earth Day “Re-purpose” Project

As part of its Earth Day celebration, students at Linwood E. Howe are collecting CDs and DVDs for use in a large art project that will celebrate the re-purposing of objects that would otherwise be discarded. The Linwood E. Howe Arts Outreach Committee has partnered with the Linwood E. Howe Boosters Green Team to provide this free, after-school art project for students on Wednesday, April [...]