Tuesday May 3rd 2016
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Fake Fire Inspectors – Call and Report

Culver City business owners should be aware that there have been documented reports of fire inspection “companies” showing up uninvited at businesses and demanding to conduct fire inspections. Some have even stated that they are contracted by the City. They often wear dark uniforms and appear to be legitimate. Their M.O. is to have a secretary or someone sign their form acknowledging that they were there, spend a few minutes looking around, and then leave. A few days or weeks later, the business receives a bill for several hundred dollars for the inspection. If any business is contacted by one of these fraudulent fire inspection companies please notify either Fire Prevention at (310) 253-5925 or dial 911 if they are still on the premises. Culver City Firefighters do inspect every business in the city, but they will always be professional and courteous, and wear their uniform with a badge, and their first initial and last name is embroidered on their uniform.

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