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Archive for April 5th, 2012

The Skinny – Amy Brunell

The Skinny –  Amy Brunell

Self-Compassion Part 2 To be human is to endure suffering. We all suffer. It is in the design. However, we misunderstand the nature of suffering. You can look at the rocks in your path as stumbling blocks or stepping stones. But you cannot ignore them and hope your path stays smooth; this goes against your purpose. To wish for an easy path is a guarantee for frustration and [...]

Dear Editor- Despite Differences, Supporting Scott

Dear Editor- Despite Differences, Supporting Scott

I strongly support Scott Malsin’s bid for Culver City’s City Council. I have known Scott for over 5 years. He always makes himself available for discussions and listens closely to all viewpoints. Time and again I have seen him incorporate those views when crafting win-win solutions to Culver City’s challenges. Scott is a creative problem solver, carefully vetting ideas and doing plenty [...]

Dear Editor- In Meghan’s Corner

Dear Editor- In Meghan’s Corner

Dear Editor, Meghan Sahli-Wells is the only candidate who has inspired my active support this election. Why? she has the courage to speak the truth and stand for what's right, regardless of how popular or unpopular it might be; she actively seeks the input of the community when considering an issue; she has a history of looking for environmentally and financially sustainable solutions to [...]

Looking Up – Bob Eklund

Looking Up – Bob Eklund

FORMATION FLYING, AROUND THE MOON AT 3,600 MPH – The act of two or more aircraft flying together in a disciplined, synchronized manner is one of the cornerstones of military aviation, as well as just about any organized air show. But as amazing as the U.S. Navy’s elite Blue Angels or the U.S. Air Force’s Thunderbirds are to behold, they remain essentially landlocked, anchored if you will, [...]

Dear Editor- Scott Has a Decade of Excellence

Dear Editor- Scott Has a Decade of Excellence

Dear Editor: I am writing to express my support of Scott Malsin for Culver City Council. I have known Scott for coming up on a decade now, and during that time he has consistently demonstrated how much he understands and cares for Culver City and its residents. But Scott also also possesses a thorough understanding of the intricacies involved in running a successful and vibrant city. These [...]

Dear Editor – Walking with Meghan

Dear Editor – Walking with Meghan

Letter to the Editor - Meghan Sahli-Wells is the candidate of choice for me – what you see is what you get! No hidden agendas, just down to earth common sense that puts the resident first. How often is this the case? As someone who has walked the precincts with Meghan, I saw first hand how she interacts with residents - always asking what their concerns are, answering their [...]