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Archive for March 27th, 2012

Dear Editor- Malsin Working With Experience

Dear Editor- Malsin Working With Experience

Dear Editor, In this era of polarization rather than collaboration, we need City Council representatives that are accessible, responsive and reasonable team players. We need Council members who are willing to make the tough decisions that will preserve our quality of life in Culver City. Scott Malsin has consistently demonstrated all of these qualities and more. In his long-term commitment to [...]

New Chambers for the Chamber of Commerce

New Chambers for the Chamber of Commerce

April 2, 2012 is opening day of the Culver City Chamber's new office at Westfield Culver City in Suite #1260 on the ground floor. The office will be located under Target and around the corner from BestBuy. The (old) Chamber office will be closed Thursday, March 29 and Friday, March 30. The chamber will maintain the same telephone numbers, email addresses as well as our web present. The only [...]

Dear Editor- Weissman’s a Winner

Dear Editor- Weissman’s a Winner

Dear Editor, Every election brings with it new personalities, new promises and new ideas – some sensible, and some, not so, sensible. Having gotten to know the 2012 City Council candidates, I think it’s clear that one person stands out. Andy Weissman has decades of experience not just living in Culver City, but serving Culver City. He is a tremendous asset to our city and someone who [...]

TecHuman – Scott Wyant

TecHuman – Scott Wyant

He Happened to Be Black -- Every once in a while, bit of language catches the attention of the staff here at TechHuman. Like just this week, while we were listening to the radio. The conversation turned to the history of boxing, and the commentator said, "Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson, who happened to be black…" And we said, "Whoa. Jack Johnson happened to be black?" Sometimes context [...]

Dear Editor – Reasons to be a Malsin Fan

Dear Editor – Reasons to be a Malsin Fan

I am a huge supporter of Scott Malsin and have been since way before he was ever a Culver City Councilmember! I knew that with his determination, perseverance and intelligence he would be a huge asset to our city. I was right. Just look at his history. Before he was even on the council he was a major force behind the renovation of Culver West Park. Scott was instrumental in getting a grant to [...]