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The Skinny – Amy Brunell’s New Blog

Amy’s Blog – Gratitude Practice —

Well hello and thanks for clicking into my new blog. This is a weekly blog designed to inspire reflection on living better. In my years working at Weight Watchers, I see many people experience difficulty with common life themes. By blogging about these themes, I hope to inspire the reader towards positive changes.

Today, I want to discuss gratitude and suggest starting a gratitude practice. Recently I read the results of several studies and their outcomes, when people start a regular gratitude practice. The studies indicated that with regular practice, we had the ability to change our “happiness set-point” as much as 25% working in a daily practice of gratitude.

What would your life be like if your happiness set-point increased by 25%?

Granted, when we are struggling, it’s hard at times to figure out what to be grateful for. For me, it doesn’t always come naturally. One day I’m writing in my journal I’m grateful for cottage cheese, and the next day I’m writing I’m grateful for the warm fur of my dogs curled up next to me. The list of grateful things doesn’t have to be extraordinary. It can be basic things that may change from day to day. Or for some of you it may be the same items daily, until your re-wiring starts to take place. Once this practice starts becoming habit, you’ll notice more and more to be grateful for.

I write my gratitude journal in my laptop. (For me it’s easier than having more paper around-another blog later!) I call my journal my Grateful Pages. For many of you writing in a book may feel better. I write 5 things a day and I’m won’t beat myself up if I miss a day. What’s the point of working on gratitude if you beat yourself up for not being perfect? Seems sort of contradiction in goals???

I am grateful to literally hundreds of people who teach me weekly how to be inspired and how to keep moving forward.



Editor’s note – Amy Brunell is a local leader with Weight Watchers, and she will be blogging with Crossroads on all kinds of topics. Feedback is great ! Let Amy know what you think by commenting on her post (below.)

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Reader Feedback

21 Responses to “The Skinny – Amy Brunell’s New Blog”

  1. klem says:

    Amy, amy, amy, I find the best journal, the one that makes me happy, is hate notes. I try to find 5 people, sometimes things, I hate each day. Just unburdening myself and heaping it on them makes me smile with contented satisfaction. Don’t you think?

  2. I love Amy’s positive attitude toward life. Not a Pollyanna, acerbic wit and insightful humor makes what she says much more than the same old boring platitudes. I look forward to reading more!

  3. Madeline says:

    Hi Amy, This is my first time blogging. Is that the right word to use?? My sister and I bought our own “gratitude journals” after hearing you talk about this. A friend of her’s had sent her an email the day before with the same article. I did it for two days and stopped. I just ordered the book about the research, “Thanks…” Learning more about a subject often motivates me to action. When I look at the reality of my life and realize how low my gratitude often is, it is obvious that I (and those close to me) could benefit from an increase in my thanks!

  4. Paula says:

    hi Amy..this is awesome! Good job. I will forward it to my granddaughter. Very inspiring.
    Beautifully done!!!

    Thanks for your inspiration.

  5. Jeannie says:

    Seems like a good idea. I am writing an autobiography for my old hiigh school club friends. They are making a memories book. I think I will write about my life in terms of what I am grateful for. I think when I finish I will be looking at the glass half full instead of half empty! When are your meetings in Santa Monica ? I would like to come another day instead of Monday . Thank you for your wonderful leadership and counseling. Hope the blog goes well! Love, Jeannie

  6. Mary says:

    Hi Amy! I look forward to reading and being challenged by your topics.

  7. Rebecca Hill says:

    We want more, Amy! I attend her weekly WW classes but am happy to find even more motivation and inspiration here! This is going to be a really valuable column. – Rebecca Hill

  8. margaret says:

    hi amy loved your blog there really is a lot to be thankful for an yet we seam to always focus on the negativity some days im just hankful to be here another day

    thanks for reminding me

  9. Cecile Valdivia says:

    Started the gratitude journal and find it does indeed help to have a gratitude attitude. I read elsewhere a suggestion that if we have trouble finding what we have to be grateful for, we should ask ourselves what our lives would be like if certain people and things in our environment were removed. It’s the “You never miss the water ’til the well runs dry,” theory.

  10. Mary says:

    Hi Amy,

    Love the blog! I’m looking forward to future blog posts. By the way, the best attitude to have is an attitude of gratitude.

    All the best — Mary

  11. Barbara says:

    I loved this article and insight. I am grateful for Amy, and her real and positive approach to better Health and awareness. Awesome, I look forward to reading more. Thank you. Just,B

  12. pam says:

    I think you are a wonderful leader. You have the information we need to hear, but don’t relate it to our weight problems. Thank you for giving what you have learned to us. We all have a lot of the same problems and to hear them discussed with others in a positive way helps to get to the real root of our weight. I have journeled in the past and will start again on my laptop to keep down my “CLUTTER”. What a great topic being greatful, I love it. Glad to be able to hear more from you. Thanks…Pam

  13. Sheila Sullivan says:

    Hi Amy,
    How about … I’m grateful for your leadership in WW and the variety of motivational information you give to us.
    I’m greatful for your sense of humor and laughter.
    We all need to remember the many things to be greatful for.
    Looking forward to your up-and-coming blogs.

  14. Rochelle Rowe says:

    Hi Amy,I find you to be one of the most inspiring people that I have met. You motivate and encourage, relating to people in a very understanding way. I am a Weight Watchers leader of less than a year and you are an wonderful role model.

    I also will be looking forward to your weekly blogs. As a leader attending a meeting is tricky, so this will be a definite help to keep me focus on my own weight removal journey.


  15. Just a quick hello to you out there from your past! Nice blog…lovely insights and nice to see where you’ve gone… I’m a WW member too. Long slow journey, but still a journey I’m grateful for. Congrats on this and enjoy! Cheers!

  16. Hey, Amy. It’s Rosie Lambert here from the WW Sat 7:30 am meeting. (I sit with my friends, Lorri & Lauri all the time!)

    First off, cool blog! Secondly, I saw this video that 24Hour Fitness put together on sedentary lifestyle. It fits perfectly with your talk this past weekend on how important it is to get out of the chair and get moving.

    It’s not only really informative but really fun to watch as well. I’ve been sharing it around with friends/family. Enjoy!
    (If the link doesn’t work go to YouTube and key in: “24 Hour Fitness – 23 and 1/2 Hours”

    See ya this Sat!

  17. Debbie Richards says:

    Amy- Love your take on things. Your weekly musings help me keep it all in perspective. Keep writing and inspiring!

  18. Melinda Murphy says:

    Thank you for your wit and wisdom. They go hand in hand beautifully!
    I am grateful for the opportunity to be guided and enlightened by you on Saturday mornings.
    Bravo to you on this gem of a blog!

  19. Allan Giovanetti says:

    I love your fantastic web site. Just what I was searching for!

  20. Hi Amy, I keep a gratitude journal too. When I started, it was recommended to do it daily for one month. That helps with the “rewiring.” Now I do it whenever I need a pick-me-up. It instantly lifts my mood a few notches.

  21. Margaret says:

    Hi Amy just read your blog it’s so true being grateful a lot of times we never hunk about what we are grateful for we just plod along I am going to try and think of one thing I’m grateful for each day I know it will be a challenge as I am always looking at the negative in my life thank you Amy you are such an inspiration keep up the good work I love your meetings

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