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Archive for February 8th, 2011

Fresh From the Farm – Katie Malich

Fresh From the Farm – Katie Malich

Last week, in honor of the Asian New Year, I loaded up an entire cloth shopping bag with fresh oriental vegetables. My first stop was the Muoa family stand at the north-west corner of Main Street and Venice Blvd. The two young brothers were very helpful, explaining the taste of their more exotic varieties, and providing cooking advice. The family is Hmong, and carry a wide variety of asian [...]

From the Farmer’s Table- Recipes by Katie Malich

From the Farmer’s Table- Recipes by Katie Malich

Chinese vegetarian cooking need not be daunting. I spent about 10 minutes preparing a shredded three taste salad without a mandoline, and had a delicious mushroom dish finished about under 25 minutes. Sure, some of the vegetables might be unfamiliar, but don't let that stop you from experimenting. I've received great advice about cooking unfamiliar vegetables from the vendors and other [...]

Book Sale Time at the Library – Feb. 19

Book Sale Time at the Library – Feb. 19

People around here who love to read often lament that there is no bookstore in Culver City. It's not completely true, as we do have a place to buy books. It appears like Brigadoon out of the mist, only on occasion. On Saturday Feb. 19, The Quarterly Book Sale will fill the front patio of the Julian Dixon Library with an astonishing selection of gently used books, as well as all sorts of other [...]

Treasurer Bill Lockyer To Address Chamber Luncheon

Treasurer Bill Lockyer To Address Chamber Luncheon

The Culver City Chamber of Commerce March Luncheon is planned for Thursday, March 3 with State Treasurer Bill Lockyer as the guest speaker. Join us at the Radisson Hotel, 6161 Centinela Ave. at noon. Bill Lockyer is the State’s banker. It’s a bank that processes trillions of dollars in transactions every year. He sells California’s bonds, invests its money and manages its cash. And he [...]