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AVPA Wins First Place in CETA

AVPA Actors Kevin Mitchell, Louis Chavez, and Marino Lapidus from The Laramie Project

For the second straight year, AVPA Theatre has been awarded first place for the Los Angeles County region in the CETA (California Educational Theatre Association) competition. This year, again under the direction of Creative Director Sheila Silver, AVPA’s production of The Laramie Project was awarded top honors in the Los Angeles County region. Along with regional winners from Orange County, the Inland Empire, and San Diego County, CCHS students will present The Laramie Project on the mainstage of the annual CETA Festival during Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, where 2,000 drama students are expected to attend. The award is a tremendous honor for everyone who worked countless hours to make the show a success.

Screams of excitement, followed by phone calls, text messages, and Facebook posts flooded communication channels of the cast and crew when the news was announced of their win at 5 pm last Wednesday, December 8th.

The Laramie Project was sold out for all nine performances in the intimate Sony Pictures Black Box Theatre in November. Ms. Silver and the cast and crew will restage the production to a proscenium stage for the festival and will perform it once more in the Robert Frost Auditorium (tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, January 12th at 7pm).

“We simply want to share the story of this powerful play and are thrilled that we will touch the lives of so many students at CETA” says director, Sheila Silver. “We are so proud to represent the Academy, CCUSD and all of the community partners who support AVPA is so many ways.”

The AVPA is very grateful for the support of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Playa Vista, Culver City Education Foundation, Center Theatre Group, The Actors Gang, LA County Museum of Art, West LA College, Museum of Contemporary Art, and Ryman Arts.

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