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Archive for July 28th, 2010

Dear Editor- Consider the PTA

Dear Editor- Consider the PTA

PTA is much like a chain. The links are interconnected. At the basic level is the Unit. This can be at any school site. This is where the majority of PTA members come from and it is really the grass roots of PTA. A small geographical area, like a school district, is typically a Council of PTA units. They are joined for the purposes of providing support to the Units and implementing PTA [...]

Looking Forward by Ted Bellamy

Looking Forward by Ted Bellamy

RED-LIGHT CAMERAS -- A MODEST PROPOSAL (with apologies to the master, Jonathan Swift) We read with interest that a local political group has joined forces with the zany wing of the Libertarian Party to oppose red-light cameras. The language of the joint resolution is interesting, so we reproduce it here. We follow with a few notes to that text, and then propose some further action that might [...]