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Publisher and Editor - Judith Martin-Straw

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Looking Up - Bob Eklund

Ruth's Truths - Ruth Morris

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Archive for June 30th, 2010

Dear Editor- Keeping in Touch with Crossroads

Dear Editor- Keeping in Touch with Crossroads

Dear Editor, I was happy to participate in your survey a few minutes ago, but I realized that it doesn't tell the entire story for me. My husband and I are now retired and travel frequently leaving Culver City behind us. But we usually take our laptop and read your Web pages while we are gone. In this way we are able to keep up with the news in town and have a sense of what is going on. Last [...]

More Than A Thought by Judith Martin-Straw

More Than A Thought by Judith Martin-Straw

To all our readers; Wow. Hey. Thank you very much. I’ve worked on many websites, and I’ve never seen one grow as fast as this. In a small town already covered with free newspapers (The Observer, The Culver City News, The Wave), one long standing news site (The Front Page Online), and an ever-popping crop of small blogs (Culver City Living, You Know You’re From Culver City) the response [...]

Le Saint Amour – Tres, Tres Bien by Mary McGrath

Le Saint Amour – Tres, Tres Bien by Mary McGrath

A new French restaurant in Culver City ? I wondered if it would stand up to all the hype. I wondered if it was possible to have a dynamite French meal without feeling intimidated, or if you’d have to refinance your house in order to dine there. Well, I’ve met Le St. Amour, and yes, it lives up to the reputation. It’s affordable, and there are no noses in the air. Thanks to owners [...]

All New Picnic for The Culver City Historical Society

All New Picnic for The Culver City Historical Society

This year’s annual Culver City Historical Society Picnic and meeting on Wednesday, July 21, will have an all new flavor, and what a flavor it will be! A savory catered dinner will be cooked in the picnic area in Veterans Memorial Park by Jim Rodriques of Santa Maria BBQ Restaurant, who will demonstrate the special techniques that have made his Downtown Culver City eatery so popular. Rodriques [...]

Looking Forward by Ted Bellamy

Looking Forward by Ted Bellamy

Lifestyle Business; Bad Business? Have you heard the term “lifestyle business?” It describes a company that produces something people want to buy, and provides a comfortable lifestyle for the founder, the employees, and their families. But for Wall Street and investment bankers, it’s a patronizing term, and it virtually guarantees you won’t get any money from them. Why? The usual [...]