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Archive for June 29th, 2010

The Next Development- Parking at the Hayden Tract

The Next Development- Parking at the Hayden Tract

Among the most often discussed pieces of real estate in Culver City are the 242 parking spaces available in the site known as the Hayden Tract. After last night’s City Council vote, they will be increased by 54 spaces via a redrawing of lines to create tandem parking. But the 298 parking spaces that will be available for the six businesses that use the space are still considered like a form of [...]

Fresh From the Farm by Katie Malich

Fresh From the Farm by Katie Malich

The full moon at the end of June (it was June 26)  is called a Strawberry moon, because it is the full moon closest to the strawberry harvest. We're lucky here in Southern California to have a climate mild enough so that strawberries can be grown year round. In other climates, though, there is a very short strawberry growing season. The farther north you go, the shorter the time period for [...]