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Jaffe Gets Five Ayes

In a brief and happy school board meeting, former Assistant Superintendent Patti Jaffe was voted in as the new Interim Superintendent of the Culver City Schools.

Only two people spoke from the podium, Dr. Luther Henderson, who objected a a phrase in the contract, and David Mielke, who offered praise from the teacher’s union in regard to the appointment.

Dr. Henderson asked the board to reconsider a sentence that stated that the salary being offered amounted “to a $40,000 savings from the previous superintendent.” His objection was that this was not proper,  having been privy to many educational hiring contracts, “vice chancellors and chancellors, teachers and administrators at all levels,” and that ” a hiring contract is not a political statement.” Board President Steve Gourley retorted “Every employment contract is a political statement.”

Board member Patricia Siever, who spoke very graciously in favor of Ms. Jaffe, redressed her spouse’s comment on the contract, and offered that she would be voting in favor of the contract as it was currently written. When Gourley requested that “next time, you can work it out in the car on the way over.” Siever responded “No, I won’t. You don’t know Dr. Henderson.

Teachers Union leader Dave Meilke spoke “Congratulating the board on making a logical choice. She  knows the district, works hard, and can keep the ship afloat as we move forward.”

The motion to approve the contract was made  and quickly seconded, and passed with five ayes.

When Jaffe was given the chance to speak, she offered “I just want to say thank you and I’m thrilled. I want to thank all my supporters, including my husband, who is here for his first board meeting – and his last !” Leonard Jaffe stood to a round of applause.

After the meeting, when asked what she was most looking forward to, Jaffe beamed and said she was “just ready to get started, making sure we get these kids the best education that we can.”

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