Monday March 30th 2015
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Auto Club Re-opens Culver City Office

AAA is open for business in Culver City.

Before the New Year even begins, the American Automobile Association has reopened their doors in Culver City, at 4512 Sepulveda Blvd. “Now, don’t tell too many people,” commented Branch Manager Warren Moore “we are only open with a skeleton staff right now, and we’re busy as it is.” A half a dozen people were already there to make use of the office on bright December morning.

The decision to close the office two years ago was influenced by the fact that there is another AAA office in west Los Angeles, and administrators felt that it would be convenient for their customers to use the other office. What they had not taken into account was the desire for people in Culver City to do business inside the city boarders.

Moore commented, “We were really quite surprised at the drop off. The numbers were very clear that re-opening this location was important to our members.”

With a gentle remodeling of the interior, the office feels even more open and easy going than it did before. Gwen Pumphrey, a member service specialist, who had worked at the office previously said it was nice to be back. “We were always a busy office before, so I’m sure that traffic will be back up very soon.”

Travel Agent Greg Weaver added that the Culver City stretch of Sepulveda was so much more accessible that the west Los Angeles location, “We may find people coming in the other direction, and we can take some of the traffic from that office.”

For more information on office hours and services, call (310) 776-4200

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2 Responses to “Auto Club Re-opens Culver City Office”

  1. Bette Sallus says:

    So glad they’re back. Have been doing all my AAA business via e-mail since they departed & prefer to stop in @ their office in person. “Welcome home AAA!!”

  2. I appreciate you sharing this info. Thanks again.

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